CTF & Conferences — n7, Toulouse, France cfp — 21 — 20 — 19 — 18 — 17 — talks


March 3th & 4th, 2018
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 8h- 9h Welcoming
Coffee & croissants
 9h-12h Morning talks (x6)
Technical talks
12h-14h Lunch
Social event & buffet™
14h-18h Evening talks (x6)
Coffee break included
21h-8h  Capture The Flag
Up to 5 pers. per team
 8h-9h  Breakfast
Prizepool ceremony
/ Talks
(fr) Philippe Lagadec hp tw gh
Macro Pest Control +yt
(fr) Louis Gesbert gh
Securing community software repositories +yt
(  ) Undisclosed
(fr) Stéphane Duverger gh dp
App vs Wild +yt
(  ) Undisclosed
(fr) Rémy Daudigny dp
A brief history of hardware attacks +yt
(fr) Tiphaine Romand-Latapie tw
Dungeons and Dragons and Security +yt
(fr) Jonathan Salwan tw gh dp
Playing with binary analysis +yt
(fr) Pierre-Yves Bonnetain
Justice, Police and hackers +yt
(fr) Guillaume Endignoux dp
Diving into the Portable Document Format +yt
(  ) Undisclosed
(en) Eduardo Cruz hp
Reverse Engineering Chips +yt
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